Back in NY

Chelsea and I had a good trip to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she got attacked by fleas. I was worried this might happen since she is very allergic so before leaving I put Frontline on her. But, that didn’t seem to do a thing. We went to visit a friend of mine who had just rescued a cat. By the time, we went back to where we were staying Chelsea was scratching like crazy and covered in fleas. Not good. It was midnight and I found a drug store, bought flea shampoo and bathed her. She slept peacefully but by morning she was scratching and the fleas were back. We ran out and bought Advantage and I applied this on her back. That eventually killed the fleas but the damage was done and she was bitten all over. Poor kid. This was one of the battles we constantly dealt with while living in Los Angeles. Thank God that is not a problem in New York. Other than that, we had some wonderful meetings and got to visit with friends. Nat hosted us and couldn’t do enough. There was always a home cook meal waiting for us. Much to do as always. Just finished a funny short film/promo called MY NOSE. No, Chelsea isn’t in this one. But we are working on other stuff together. Don’t worry she is running my life! Have a great day. Hugs, Gayle Licks, Chelsea and please don’t switch that around!

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