At AFM in LA

Chelsea and I just flew into LA to attend AFM (American Film Market) which her film is being sold. Passion River is our foreign sales agent. Chelsea is crashed out on the floor next to me and I feel like doing the same. I’m pooped. Slept three hours last night. We will be here all week. A few days for the market and then meetings and friends. Remember we lived here for 13 years. Or I should say I lived here for 13 years and Chelsa entered my life when I was here. It’s hard to be “on” when all you want to do is go to sleep. This is the first time I’m at this market with a film and it’s a good feeling. I know I’ve been behind on this entries and I’m sorry. Every now and then I hear from an old friend who tells me he or she read it to find out what was going on with us. We’ve had some screenings and they went great. It seems like this little film Chelsea and I made really speak to dog lovers all over. I’m amazed at how often I bump into someone who has come back to see it again. The DVD is going to be Borders, Barnes and Nobles, lots of DVD stores and even Petsmart. Please spread the word. I’m doing all the manufacturing and if it doesn’t sell …oy! I must take them back. It’s like the publishing business.

No plans for Christmas yet. I’d love to take Chelsea and head up to Quebec, maybe even do some skiing. Okay, later.

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