Am I Destined to Become My Mother?

Like many daughters, I have felt the familiar anxiety that I am destined to become my mother when I hear my mother’s unique brand of criticism, that I so hated hearing when I was a girl, come out of my mouth. As a teenager, I vowed that I wouldn’t be like her. I didn’t want to inherit her way of finding fault or being critical of other people. So, in those moments when I hear her words come out of my mouth, I worry that I am powerless against my destiny to become my mother…

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Rosjke Hasseldine is a pre-eminent mother-daughter relationship specialist, international workshop presenter, and writer. Rosjke has developed a way of mapping a woman’s mother-daughter history that connects women to their female roots, changes inherited patterns, and understands what it means to be female.

In this blog post she writes about how the answer to ‘Am I Destined to Become My Mother?’ is both yes and no. She explains how daughters unconsciously inherit their mother’s traits and beliefs, and how daughters can avoid inheriting the disempowered parts of their mother with love and understanding.

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