Abusive Parents or Disciplining a Troubled Child?

Well I must say, this headline certainly caught my attention. In Flagler County, Florida parents publicly humiliated their daughter for her unacceptable behavior. On a busy intersection the teenager, Jasmine, had to hold up a sign reading

Jasmine I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents and grandparents

This tactic has many divided, with some feeling the parents have gone overboard and this could cause more emotional harm to Jasmine. While others believe this is exactly what this disobedient child needs to stop her bad behavior. It’s a thin line between abuse and tough love. Personally, I agree with this tactic. If I had to put money on it, I would say Jasmine will no longer be bringing in boys at all hours of the night. Her mother listed a few other behaviors (partying, drinking, disrespectful language), and I’m sure the threat of having to be publicly humiliated will make her think twice before she chooses to engage in those activities.

The nay-sayers believe that there are other ways to get Jasmine to stop her bad behavior, and this could cause emotional damage. I’m not disagreeing. Yes, there is chance Jasmine might be scarred for life, hate her parents, and bring over more boys to defy her parents, but I don’t think so. The fear of being humiliated again, I believe, will gear her to make the “right” decisions.

I want to hear from you. Would you use this tactic to discipline your child after all else has failed? Are these parents going overboard and actually abusing their daughter? Is this right? And, if you were Jasmine would this type of punishment deter you from your unacceptable behavior?

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4 Responses to Abusive Parents or Disciplining a Troubled Child?

  1. mciello says:

    wow… just wow. This is really extreme. I think yes its going to be effective, but for now. This punishment needs to be supplemented with more supportive talks. If Jasmine doesn’t understand WHY this behavior is wrong and she’s just afraid of these immediate consequences I think she’s likely to end up rebelling even further once she’s out of her parents grasp.

  2. I have a feeling they tried the talk route and it didn’t work. So as a result they resorted to this. I mean this is “extreme” so I doubt they jumped the gun by skipping no tv, grounding her, and no cell phone for a week.

  3. mciello says:

    I definitely agree. To me though, from watching Jasmine in the clip, she doesn’t seem to fully comprehend why she is being humiliated. Thats why I’m hoping her parents find some way to make her understand their point

  4. Vita says:

    This is disgusting! You should all be embarrassed of yourselves. How would you feel if you did something wrong and were made to wear a sign about it on a public street corner. Public Humiliation is abuse! I am ashamed at you bloggers! Ugh

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