A New Way to Put a Stop to Bullying

I previously mentioned some tips on how to stop bullying. What I failed to suggest was to deliver video messages to prevent and end bullying. That’s what the students in the Fox Valley in Wisconsin are going to accomplish. The teens are asked to hand in a 3-minute video portraying the message “Be a Hero and Report a Bully.”

According to Winnebego Countywide Crime Stoppers, up to a quarter of students are bullying victims at school, but only a third of them report it.

KimCentral Credit Union and the Winnebago Countywide Crime Stoppers will put middle and high school students in Outagamie, Winnebago, and Calumet counties to the test on bullying. The winning team with the winning video will get a $1,500 scholarship and their school will earn $3,500. The challenge will be an incentive for the participants to report happenings of bullying. The contest starts September 1st and students have until November 30th to hand in their video, which will eventually be posted online.

Judging happens in December and winners should be determined sometime in January. More details on the challenge can be seen here.

What better way to prevent bullying than to get schools involved in a great project. The same way television delivers ideas and messages with its hundreds of commercials and advertisements, creating anti-bullying videos for the public to see is a great way to spread the word of bullying prevention and abolition. Also, the process of creating the videos will make the students more aware of bullying and put an end to the abuse. This sounds like an initiative for more school districts. Say no to bullying!


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